Casting Away Control to Give Way to Faith in the Unseen but that is Felt

There is a reason we want to believe in a higher power no matter the name it is given. I think many of us want the comfort of a plan, that we don’t just live and die but that something of us continues on.

Since is about observation while faith is a belief in the unseen, what cannot be proved. I am listening to some audio books in the self help realm because I am tired of being lost or at least frozen without progress because I have yet to make a decision.

It’s why I am at the point where I have to cast fear aside and the need for control or security. When you have dreams, they are light, they blow through our thoughts, they flow into the moments when we struggle, when our cynicism dominates our thoughts and actions.

Do you believe that the risk is worth it? Can you see yourself satisfied if you don’t take it, are you being your best self if you do not reach to turn that dream into reality.

The issue we all have with risk, is that it means we can fail but when do you learn the most? It is when you fall down, it is only a failure if you don’t learn and get up again.

This is where perception becomes reality, I am not the only one to be stimmed by my own hate, my a lack of faith that I have a meaning, that there is a reason for my own being.

It feels selfish and you get weighed down by comparisons with others, so many of us want what we cannot have, we seek what is just out of reach. The reason that of which we seek is out of reach is because of our own lack of faith.

We have to push beyond evidence, must be tenacious in our pursuit, relentless in our drive and undeterred by the challenges in our way. That’s all they are challenges to rise to, to overcome, to meet so they break in front of our faith that the dream is real, that it exists and we are just finding our path to it.

You can’t do it alone, belief is not enough by itself you have to take action, to be open to new possibilities and recognize the pathways that we may not normally see or take advantage.

When you decide to reach and be the better you, you have no choice but to become aware of the unseen and give into faith as much as you strive to epitomize that life and the person you are becoming through every struggle.

I don’t the way, I know the goal but I’ve been afraid to put the words onto the page but that cannot continue and we all have to get past our fear and have the belief that if we have the faith than the life that already exists is ours already and we are just finding our pathway to it.

Passionate about muay thai and words with an unending wanderlust. See you out there. I write here for me, thoughts into the void even if they don’t echo.