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Passionate about muay thai and words with an unending wanderlust. See you out there. I write here for me, thoughts into the void even if they don’t echo.

This is end of another Marvel Studios series on Disney+ and while we will have to wait until June for Loki and then another month before the seemingly perpetually delayed release of Black Widow to both the big screen and Disney+ through Premier Access. This is a dense episode as the finale, there are a lot of threads to follow and not just stories to wrap but also hints about what is to come they need to setup for Marvel going forward. It’s all spoilers from this point on, lets go.

They don’t ease you into things, its almost…

Episode 5 Promo

This is a look at episode 5 of Falcon and the Winter soldier, its all spoilers from here on out. After the ending of the last episode, we saw Steve’s shield dripping with blood after John Walker lost it against a Flag Smasher in public view. This episode is about the aftermath from that and we start off seeing Walker running into an abandoned train station when Sam and Bucky catch up to him. …

This is the episode where all the disparate factions get of the board to clash with deadly results. We start with recounting Bucky and Ayo’s history as Ayo repeats the trigger words we see flashes from his past to show what he was and that he has broken free. In the present she gives Bucky 8 hours to finish what he and Sam are doing with Zemo and the time starts ticking down.

When Bucky returns he tells them about Karli Morgenthau’s demands and Zemo makes a point that if you are a super soldier, your superiority can’t help…

The final trailer for Episode 3 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

This is a really fun episode where the show really starts to hit its stride as the seeds have been planted and it now time to see what they grow into next. Before we get to the episode though we are treated to a commercial for the Global Repatriation Council with a tag line reset, restore rebuild that has the most generic look possible if only to contrast the truth we continue to see of what it really is.

The episode focuses more on the adventures of…

****There be spoilers being dropped****

This is the episode where the Sam and Bucky meet up in the after-math of John Walker coming onto the scene as the new Captain America in the post blip world of the MCU. The episode starts off with the viewer meeting John before he begins a similar type of propaganda tour that Steve had to do in Captain America The First Avenger. It’s about humanizing John after our initial introduction made many a viewer immediately dislike him.
John Walker in propaganda mode via Marvel Studios

The government’s Captain America isn’t what this story is about, it is about Falcon’s struggle in…

Here we go again, after just a week off after WandaVision and her comes the next product of the Marvel machine. The title of this episode is “New World Order” set in the post blip world. It’s even more pertinent to all of us because we as a species have undergone such an extreme shift this year making what these characters are facing feel more real than I would have thought possible and making more aware of the themes that this show will shine a light on.

The first episode was the scene setter, showing where Sam Wilson and…

The hills outside Brasov, Romania (just because they are pretty)

As children many of us are told we can be anything, its as if the innocence of youth makes the people who love us want to feel like we can fly if we so choose. Then as we grow up for a lot of us, the idea that the universe is ours to shape is slapped down by reality.

Reality can be a shot to head or a door to open it comes down to how we choose to see it. …

and learn that even if no one reads what I write, it still matters

Gunung Rinjani from Gili T just days after the first Earthquake and just Days before the next one hit.

When I left Canada I was shattered, my confidence was broken and I felt like my life was a waste of space, time and matter. Most people I knew had good jobs, families and good social lives. I was hiding my reality and living in a box, getting rejected from everything I applied for and I believed there was something wrong with me.

If I am completely honest, I’ve had very few friends and have never been in a relationship. I keep to myself and just…

A failure in the expected life, to an acceptance of the risks in that unknown one

Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka, March 1st, 2019

I have been thinking about my travels since I left Asia, I was supposed to be gone for a year or two and then get back to the struggle. It was a struggle that destroyed every fragment of my confidence and belief, I started running and since the moment I stepped on the plane I have kept on going.

I would like to stay that there was some profound reason for my trip, or that I have been transformed by it and that is true in some ways and a mirror for me in so many others.

I have learned…

There is a reason we want to believe in a higher power no matter the name it is given. I think many of us want the comfort of a plan, that we don’t just live and die but that something of us continues on.

Since is about observation while faith is a belief in the unseen, what cannot be proved. I am listening to some audio books in the self help realm because I am tired of being lost or at least frozen without progress because I have yet to make a decision.

It’s why I am at the point…

Eric Floresca

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